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Pista Sticks represent excellence in the realm of delectable delights. The authentic taste of Iranian pistas blended perfectly with the richness of pure butter, they offer a true sense of indulgence. Each bite of these finely crafted delicacies evokes a comforting sense of warmth and satisfaction.

Luxuriously crafted with a blend of high-quality Iranian pistas and pure butter for a rich taste and smooth texture.

A part of the exclusive gifting range from Unwrap Happiness, intended to make every occasion feel special.

Provides an unparalleled snack option, proving an irresistible Pista Sticks Biscuits experience that both surprises and delights.

Represents a uniquely crafted choice to give as a gift, ensuring the recipient feels thoroughly appreciated and cared for.

With PISTA STICK biscuits, every moment becomes an intimate celebration, a cherished memory in the making. Allow these cookies to introduce you to a world where elegance meets decadence in every bite.

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Weight 200 g


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