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Experience the absolute delight of exquisite culinary artistry with our Lavash Beetroot – artisanal baked flatbreads. With savory flavors of Cheese, Beetroot, and Spinach, this product enriches every bite with an unparalleled fusion of taste and texture. This is luxury redefined by Unwrap Happiness, carefully curated for the true gourmand.

Choose from a divine assortment of flavors – the creamy CHEESE, earthy BEETROOT, or the robust SPINACH, each echoing a unique symphony of tastes.

Crafted with great care and love, these flatbreads are a testament to the splendid gifting range from Unwrap Happiness. Woven into every bite is the promise of luxury, decadence, and gratifying indulgence.

Above all, the LAVASH embodies the joy of gourmet dining, making every bite an unforgettable gastronomic experience and gifting occasion an event full of joyful unwrapping.

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